In Kite, the default location of the anchor point is top-left with coordinate value (0, 0). The anchor point values increase as you move down and towards the right. The anchor point of a layer is animatable and can be moved easily to any location as illustrated in the figure below.
Anchor point in kite compositor
All geometric transformations occur at the anchor point. For example, specifying the anchor point value (0.5, 0.5) on a layer causes it to rotate or scale from its centre. If you change the anchor point to a new location, the scaling or rotation will occur at the new point.

Exploring ways to edit or move the anchor point.
You can:

  1. specify the location of the anchor point in the inspector when the layer is selected
  2. drag the anchor point to move it to a different location
  3. use the “Center Anchor Point” icon from the toolbar if you want to move it to the layer’s centre.

If you would like to see how to use the anchor point, you can watch my video below on YouTube.


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